Your Big Day

The past weeks have been such a condensed blur; I have yet had a moment to silently reflect on all that is going on. This week I will marry my best friend, the love of my life. I will be leaving my family to start a new one, with a new name, a new bond.... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Support

I had been engaged for two years before setting my wedding date. There was no engagement celebration or party, it was quiet and simple. Most of the women I grew up with would get engaged, throw a few parties, have a few bridal showers, and spend the next month's close to family. I never expected... Continue Reading →


Traditions can play a big part in weddings, especially when it involves family. This can be a wonderful addition to ceremonies or receptions, but when does it all become too much? When traditions start to take over the wedding preparations and become the main focus, it is time to re think. There are family traditions,... Continue Reading →


Family, it is an important part of any marriage. A marriage is the beginning of a new family and household. Most couples are surrounded by their family on their wedding day and the days leading up to it. They are the ones helping with every detail and making sure you have all the small things... Continue Reading →


People ask me all the time if I know the exact days until my wedding. I can usually answer without a second to question; Thirty-Three days and counting. Time seems to speed up once you get into the last two months before your big day. This is the time where I start to lose my... Continue Reading →

The Wedding Planner

If you have ever gone through planning a wedding then you know how many hidden things there are along the way. Starting out you have a somewhat clear vision, venues, photographer, flowers, rentals, the list goes on. What you may run into is the hundreds of less important details that will pop up along the... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

There are a lot of emotions involved when trying to plan a wedding. You dive in excited with big dreams and an idea. Half way through you realize that somewhere along the way your dreams turned hostile and this planning isn’t so exciting anymore. Stress builds and builds until everything seems to get thrown back... Continue Reading →

The Dress

One of the first things I did besides booking my venues was to go dress shopping. What an insanely mad experience this was. Wedding dress shopping is quite exhausting, both mentally and physically. Most dresses weigh much more than you would imagine and require several hands to get it on. The mental exhaustion comes from... Continue Reading →


If you are lucky, or maybe just organized, you have your ceremony and reception in the same venue. If however this is not your cup of tea, you now have the responsibility of finding two separate venues. I was that woman, two venues are what I had dreamt of; A beautiful church for my ceremony... Continue Reading →

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