The Wedding Planner

If you have ever gone through planning a wedding then you know how many hidden things there are along the way. Starting out you have a somewhat clear vision, venues, photographer, flowers, rentals, the list goes on. What you may run into is the hundreds of less important details that will pop up along the way. Now even if you are planning on avoiding half of these, the questions will be asked. There are things such as transportation, favors, song choice, decor set-up, take down, to only name a few. Now these may or may not seem obvious to you but once you get into full swing, a lot of things go unnoticed or unplanned. You don’t want to be the last minute bride, trying to whirlwind everything together in the last days or weeks before your big day. Unfortunately this happens more frequently than not. I was a confident bride; I thought I had enough sense to know what to book and when to do it. This was not the case, and even though these things may be on your mind, they can get overlooked. Then you find yourself scrambling around trying to organize it all without enough time to do it right.

Of course I have fallen victim to this, and many do. It’s not a matter of misunderstanding or being naïve; it’s having so much on your plate and pushing off the things that seem of less importance. The solution can be quite simple, and I honestly wish I had done so since the beginning.

The wedding planner is a life saver and can come in several forms. Now of course the option of lesser stress is to hire a professional wedding planner. Letting them help you through your planning and bookings. It is a load off of your chest and can make this whole experience much more of an exciting carefree one. However not all of us have this option available to choose from so there is another wedding planner choice. For this I would suggest a wedding planner step by step guide that you can pick up from any book store. Laid out on each and every page of these planners are every single detail you need and it is all organized accordingly. You will not miss a beat, and you can take a deep breath knowing you won’t run into anything forgotten along the way.

I wish I could tell you I had gone this route, but I did not. Of course I had read these books and talked to planners before and this gave me the idea that I could do it all solo. Thinking that I knew what I was getting into because I had briefly skipped through a bridal planner was one of the first huge mistakes I made. It is also one of the first suggestions I have for any new bride or groom, get a planner. It doesn’t matter what kind you get, but you’re going to need it down the road if you don’t need it to start. It also helps your partner and family understand the order and the organization that is needed leading up to the wedding day. Always accept that you may need help, this is also one of the most stress free directions for help. This is coming from an extremely stubborn bride, I wish I would have been the one to cave and learn from the wedding industry veterans. Listen, learn, organize, and then execute your plan. This is your winning strategy and how you will reach your goals successfully. No one wants to be stressed, forgetful, or plain worn out. The beauty is that you don’t have to be.

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