People ask me all the time if I know the exact days until my wedding. I can usually answer without a second to question; Thirty-Three days and counting. Time seems to speed up once you get into the last two months before your big day. This is the time where I start to lose my mind, all the things I left until the end, now is the time. I am a procrastinator, relax now and do later. There are things that have come and gone which I would have passed up on to unwind thinking I would complete later; not realizing that later has come. Trying to lock down last minute accessories, garments, décor, musicians, is not a fun ride. Now knowing the exact days until my wedding at any given time, you should think I would have known that time was running out. Part of me did, and the other parts of me choose to ignore it. With so much on my mind at once, the last thing I wanted to do was focus on things such as how we would carry out our first dance as a married couple. Ignorance is bliss, right? No, not when it all falls on your lap again and this time there is no way to veer past it.

Procrastination is a terrible thing and I am very good at it. There are times when it doesn’t matter as much and then there are times when it drives away the important choices. When you are trying to plan a wedding, procrastination can be your worst enemy. You may not realise how fast time actually slips by and then before you get back around to that one undealt with choice, it’s too late. For instance, your first dance as a married couple is an important one, a special and symbolic dance. I of course want it to be glamorous but the truth is, I don’t dance. This has added to my anxieties every time I was presented with the opportunity to address it. I would shrug it off thinking that I had time to figure it all out. Now I am in the last stretch before my wedding and I haven’t given a single thought towards it. This of course is something that should have been mulled over months before and if I had then I would be ready.

Now this could become a humongous disaster come time for us to actually step on the dancefloor.  Seeming as neither my husband to be or I know much about dancing at all. Of course the key to all of this was not procrastinating to begin with, but we are here now and we need to figure out solutions. Finding last minute solutions for anything wedding related can be a nightmare. These things take time and thought, most of what is on the planning list is not thrown together overnight. That is why procrastination is a deadly thing, once an item pops up on your to do list, you should simply get to work on it. However, if you procrastinate, you look at it and throw it aside thinking you will make your way back to it.

I have learnt over the course of a few months that you simply must look it dead on and be completely honest with yourself. You are procrastinating, and will likely never make the time needed to complete the task at hand unless you do it now. Stop to take a breath and realise that what you need to do is not all that hard. Just take the first step, to get a head start. One of my favourite quotes that have helped me through my mistakes and my hesitations is from Martin Luther King, Jr.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Stop thinking and start doing. The perfect plan doesn’t exist; you can’t constantly throw things to the side for later review. This is a mixture for unwanted stress, something that shouldn’t be present on your wedding day. Apply this to much more than just wedding planning, I would advise you to take this with you into your marriage as well.


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  1. Hi, just a question – does your first dance have to a major thing? If neither you husband to be are great dancers why not just hang on to each other and sway ‘high school formal’ style?
    You’re going to enjoy your wedding day, believe me. The funny thing is it won’t be the parts your stressing about that will make you enjoy it, it will be the little things that you haven’t planned for. I was a bit of stressed out bride, but on our wedding day the things that touched me were seeing all our guests had gone to such an effort to make it – clothes, accommodation, gifts – as well as their happiness at our marriage.
    Also my young nieces and nephews having a ball.
    My husband dancing with my mum and me dancing with my dad.
    I paid so much for my wedding dress which was beautiful and everyone comments on our photos as it’s stunning, but each time they do I think of how much it cost and how it would have been better to buy something less showy and put it to our married life together.
    Think carefully about what you’re planning. Is it for show, or do you want it? Concentrate on the things you’ll remember because they’re important and forget about the other stuff as much as you can. That way you’ll have a perfect day.

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    1. Your first dance does not have to be a mojor thing at all. In fact both my husband to be and I do not like dancing at all and prefer to get it over and done with as quickly and smoothly as possible. It is true that when it all comes down to the day of, the most important part becomes the two of you and the family and friends involved. Not necessarily all of the other things that were stressful to begin with.


  2. i really enjoyed reading this. First of all I’d like to congratulate you on your fourth coming wedding. Perhaps think about both of you having some dance lessons prior. This will relax you, take your mind off it all and you can have fun in the process then. However saying that this is your special day and no one is going to be thinking you can’t dance they will be more in awe of how beautiful and happy you look as a couple and enjoying all of the celebrations.

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