Unexpected Support

I had been engaged for two years before setting my wedding date. There was no engagement celebration or party, it was quiet and simple. Most of the women I grew up with would get engaged, throw a few parties, have a few bridal showers, and spend the next month’s close to family. I never expected anyone to throw me any wedding showers; in fact I did not plan to have any at all. My thoughts drifted to how little people might care and I did not want to bother or hassle anyone to do it. Once I set my date there was still no expectations for any gatherings or parties, I simply thought no one would pay any attention. My whole life I have managed to fly under the radar and be the shy quiet one people may not notice at first. I figured this would stay true for my upcoming wedding as well. However, I did not realise how many people truly did care or who still had my spouse and I on their minds. It was surprising to me and lifted my spirits when I needed it most. The experiences I have shared on my journey to my wedding day have mostly been filled with stress and disorder. I want to share a refreshing and comforting experience.

The amount of support I received from extended family, friends, and even acquaintances was overwhelming. I never expected to receive anything from anyone and to have people throw me bridal and wedding showers warmed my heart. People cared, even family friends I did not personally know, and they cared. I was first asked about my wedding shower when my mother brought it to my attention that there were certain people who wanted to bless both my fiancé and I. This was an unexpected turn of events for me and I was surprised to hear it. Now of course there are individuals who will care about someone getting married and I may sound silly; to me I was so heavily into planning I did not realize that there were people who wanted to be a part of it. Sometimes when you bury yourself into your wedding planning you forget to come up for air, to notice all the faces that are around you and willing to be there. It is important to take these moments in, to enjoy the attention. You are planning a significantly important day and there are lots of people who understand this and want to help out however they can, such as showing their love and support through various bridal showers.

To this day I feel blessed in receiving a vast amount of love and support that I did not expect or think was possible. It has made me realize that you cannot always do it all on your own, even if it means taking a break to socialize with the people who want to be there for you. As a bride I feel it is easy to get swept away by all of the drama and chaos of the last few months before your wedding. It can be hard to anchor yourself, take time for relaxation and the enjoyment of all of the current excitement. I was blessed to have so many people willing to show up and be there for me during this time. Both my wedding and bridal shower were unexpected treats that surprisingly rejuvenated my dyeing anticipation. It can be so easy to lose your mind and happiness while trying to navigate through the chaos of planning a wedding. Never doubt the amount of care there is for you as a bride and couple to be, people do understand the pressure and are willing to be there for you. Accept it with opens arms and take a breath of fresh air.

This week I want to make sure that I thank all of the people who have showed up for me, been there and presented their love and support. It has been a trying journey thus far and the time I get to spend with friends and family can refresh me. So thank you; thank you for being there and understanding, thank you for your blessings, thoughts and prayers. I can never express how much it really means to me. It has helped me pull through and realize that I am going to be ok. We will all be ok, we can all take a moment to stop and smell the roses.


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