Your Big Day

The past weeks have been such a condensed blur; I have yet had a moment to silently reflect on all that is going on. This week I will marry my best friend, the love of my life. I will be leaving my family to start a new one, with a new name, a new bond. The journey to this point has not been easy, it has bent and battered me and through immense stress, polished me. This rings true for both me and my fiancé. We have been so busy and so distracted by stress that the vision of our marriage was hazy at times. It is most important that during all this chaos, you both take time to reflect on your relationship, go back to the place where you both knew you were meant to be. Remember why you are getting married, because the road has not been smooth and it can easily get swept away in it all.

It is important to reflect on what is to come, the wedding that is about to take place. The day of can pass so quickly and you will be glad to have had that opportunity. As this week starts it is my goal to take things slow amongst all the rushing, to stop and smell the roses. Give yourself a moment to breathe; this journey you have been on is almost at its end. You have made it in one piece, even though at times you thought you never would. It is most important for me this week, as the weeks prior have been so crazed and relentless. I am starting my Monday with reassuring myself that everything is ok and will work out marvelous. I shouldn’t stress anymore, I have done enough and now it is time to enjoy myself.

As I was sitting across from my husband to be last night, I looked into his face and smiled. I am going to marry my best friend, we truly are meant to be. It has not been easy, by far. There have been times where you need to step away before saying something unthinkable. Tears have been shed, things have been said, but every time we realize that we are each other’s support. Our hearts lie with another and we keep each other strong. I support him and he supports me, we are each other’s main priority. This should be true for every couple.

Just last week we had a pre wedding blessing ceremony in honor of his family’s cultural traditions. The priest that came to perform the blessing took us aside to share his wisdom regarding marriage. His words were pure and heartfelt; he understood and reiterated what I had known all along. When you enter into a marriage, two become one. You have lived most of your life for yourself and so you should, now you have a spouse and you cannot live for just yourself anymore. You must realize that you and your spouse are equals; one is not better than the other, you both have different strengths and weaknesses. Build each other up, not tear each other down. As easy as it may be to feed off of each other’s negativity from a bad day, help your partner, carry them emotionally when they need it most. It is easy to take things personally and play on each other’s emotions. You must both be strong for one another, act as one, live as a family. I am ready to be married, he is my other half and together we will be whole.

As my wedding nears, I will make sure to post some pictures of the event itself in the coming weeks. I am off to enjoy a much needed celebration and holiday.





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